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Invincible BY bee
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I shouldn’t really even upload this bc it’s so bad but I had to have SOMETHING to show for my struggle tonight haha

Vaguely Newmann from Hermann’s POV I guess

So your hands fly over me
Leaving lines untraceable 
Making me quake
I know you’ll try anything
You think we’re unbreakable
But look how I break

I say no out of habit but
You say yes on principle and
I’ve survived this panic so
Maybe we’re invincible 
After all

We weren’t made for battlegrounds
We never grew up tall or big
But we’re what’s left
And I can’t even keep it down
But even soldiers must get sick 
Around so much death


So we reel in the aftermath 
Quiet like we never were
Everything’s changed
Here are thoughts I’d never had
In a voice familiar 
And it feels safe


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This is really maudlin I’m sorry I just have to have done SOMETHING today ugh

I trace blue lines in your hands, the veins, upwards but then you say wait, before I can oxygenate 

It’s June, you shiver in overwarm rooms, as if winter runs right through you, you dress up in jackets and shoes, like things you think you’ll grow into

And yeah sometimes I stand on my toes, but you’re the one lost in a bigger man’s clothes
And yeah I have to stand on my toes but you’re the one lost in a bigger man’s clothes 

You’re bones. I see past the fabric and know, from fibula to clavicle, how much pure design you would show, calcium frame visible

And yeah, you know I’m a sucker for that, amazed by the structure, exact. How it all fits together and yet, how easily things can go bad

So please, if you’d let me let you go free, from coats hanging down to your knees and swallowing you like a beast that came from the depths of the sea


I know it feels like a shield you can own, and a shadow that you’ve always known too closely to ever let go, a reminder that you should have grown

But I can tell you how well you’re designed, how random mutations and time, put grace in your angles and lines, and synapses into your mind 

So yeah I’m gonna stand on my toes to get you out of a bigger man’s clothes, and yeah I’m gonna stand on my toes to free you from a bigger man’s clothes 

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Quick dumb ditty bout boy who want to fly. The lyrics are kind of all over the place idk I’ll try again another day

You never wanted a reason to stay grounded
But then you found it
And god damn the things we’re bound with
Poison in the blood and sickness in the bones
Falling’s not like flying at all, and you should know

But even if your bones were as hollow as they feel
Some things aren’t real, some things aren’t real
Even if your bones were as hollow as they feel
Some things can’t be real

And sometimes you believe that a strong wind could take you
A firm belief in physics finds its limits in the faithful
And nothing in your numbers should be setting you to hoping
But still you dream of floating 


All earth’s mass is dragging you is begging you to stay
Your blood and bones are promising you’re meant to drift away
All earth’s mass is dragging you back down into the fight
All earth’s mass is thanking you for giving up on flight
For breaking just enough to set things right

But even if your body was as light as it feels
Some things aren’t real, some things aren’t real
Even if your bones were as hollow as they feel
Some things can’t be real

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Hermann rhymes with German BY Newt rhymes with cute C:
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So I said I would do it, so here it is, Newt’s song as hinted at in this comic

The kaiju are here and we might not make it
So put down your theorems and let’s get naked

More degrees between us than a therm-om-eter
So come on over genius and let’s play doctor

Hey now Hermann would you talk to me
Cause that fancy German got me weak in the knees

"There’s no time for lovin’" you continuously posit
But what’s the real harm of a little quickie in the closet

You been workin so hard on that calculus
I’m gonna taste chalk when I kiss your lips
Been workin so hard but it’s time to rest
I’m gonna taste chalk when I kiss your neck
Workin too hard too tired too thin
I’m gonna taste chalk on every inch of your skin

Come on Hermann won’t you talk to me
Cause that fancy ass German make me wanna scream

So put down those equations the solutions just depress you
And start some calculations on how quick I can undress you

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Dumb little ditty based on the myth of the heikegane 

I lost you in the Battle of Burgundy Bay
And I waited for you everyday 
When I got the  news, I wasted away
But you came back home, you came back home to me

No doubt you clawed your way out of the wreck
And I rescued you from the crabber’s net
You don’t say much now, oh war takes its toll
But you’re home with me, you’re home, and that’s good as gold

They said, oh honey it’s the grief that’s talkin’
They said, shush now, there’s people gossipin’
They said, this’ll pass, this’ll pass, this’ll pass
But none of them saw you in the crab’s back

 When I lost you, they ran me right out of our town
They said I was lost too, but I knew I was found
So I left our home, their words were so cruel
And I’ll live and die with you in the tidal pool

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I wanna surf (let's go) BY bee
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im bad at singing and playing guitar but i spent a whole half an hour on this so enjoy my attempt at surf rock 

I spy a big wave, I wanna surf it
I spy a hot babe, but is he worth it?
I wanna surf let’s go 

It’s gonna be hot day, we won’t waste it
Gonna catch a big wave, I can taste it 
I wanna surf let’s go 

The country’s full of shit so let’s just ignore it
The TV’s full of shit so let’s just ignore it 
The beach is full of shit so let’s just ignore it 
The ocean’s full of shit, I adore it 

I spy a big wave, I wanna surf it
I spy a hot babe, he ain’t worth it
I wanna surf let’s go 

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Seymour (for Catie) BY 29 plays

Boy you’ve been standing at the edge of the canyon
For a long while now
Still as stone and all alone
Just afraid to down
Till she came, till she came,
She kissed your lips, then pushed you in 
And you blamed the ground 
For your broken bones and bloody nose 
But it’s all right now
Yeah it’s all right now 

Cause you got your shirt and you got your shoes
and you’ve got soul and rhythm and blues 
And she couldn’t steal the life from you
Yeah she couldn’t steal this life from you so
put on your shirt and tie up your shoes and
put on you record of rhythm and blues 
This world waited for you
This world waited for you


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I’ve seen so many movies but I never realized 
Until very recently, there’s always this one guy
Who makes my heart go fluttery, even though he always dies
Steve Buscemi, I just lose me lookin in your eyes

I don’t know what some other folks been sayin bout you
But if it brings you down at all then honey it ain’t true
I don’t mean to objectify but damn that booty really fly
Steve Buscemi, you’re so dreamy, come give me a smooch

Fargo, Big Fish, you a sweet dish
Reservoir Dogs, Pink’s my favorite 
Boardwalk Empire, makin me perspire 
I remember seeing SpyKids2 (10 years old and a little in love with you) 

I guess the only thing that I’m tryna to say
All the haters to the left, Steve Buscemi is a babe

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Three Words (I'm a cop) BY bee
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I’m a powder keg I’m an unlit fuse 
And you’re too close to me, I’m gonna go an hurt you
I’m fillin up too fast, a hydrogen balloon
With secrets I can’t speak, I think I’m gonna hurt you

Three little words I always meant to say
Three little words that I got wrong
Three little words are gonna dig my grave
Not the ones you counted on

Is this Shakespearean or just a shit show
We’re all just players in a tragedy we cant know 
And it’s the last act, I move in slowmo
So I can tell you what you need to know before the curtains close


And in another life I said the right thing
I know we both still died but I can see us smiling 
Give me another try, i just need one more go
I love you, I love you, that’s all you need to know


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My America BY bee
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I made a dumb unrequited King/Django song that makes no sense

I think I’ve found
How to explain you
Something mysterious and great
She’s how I’ll know you
With strength and purpose and scars on her face

My America
My America
I came to you
And you let me stay
Let me traverse you til my dying day

I heard the call
Land of the free
Lose yourself in her embrace 
I’ll never know like you 
know what it means
Freedom is more than a hasty escape


Could I have lived
To see the whole you
Valley and mountain and plain
Selfish of me 
To try to hold you
Selfish to call you my American Dream

My America
My America
I came to you
And you let me stay
I never wanted to leave you this way

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