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Tonight’s comics practice is based on Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie. 

My feelings towards Death Cab are mostly meh, but this song felt very right for these two nerds

I should add that @patster223 came up with a gorgeous and much more nuanced interpretation of this song for them too!
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One hour comic slam! thehorrorinsymmetry prompted: Hermann in a dress, Newt taking him to a field of flowers and putting a flower behind his ear. 

I guess unofficially i’m kind of challenging myself to do a rough comic every day?? that’s unrealistic. 

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Got home from Dr Tyson’s talk all jazzed on space so here’s a doodle comic about Hermann watching Curiosity land on Mars, remember that?? 

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More doodles - that’s me and that’s wee baby hermann

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bear witness to my pathetic attempts to drag myself out of art block

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Another nightly comic! Got this one done in like 3 hours? A little more. 

Teen Hermann trying to be rebellious but still REALLY not wanting to get in trouble with his dad. That’s my fav. (Smoking cw)

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Coffeebreak comic from work 

Bikes > boys

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Sick all day and decided to make a comic at 9pm, what a genius, bee. This was poorly planned and executed, a spur of the moment ode to Hermann’s days coding the Mark 1s, where the only deadline was “the longer it takes you to do this, the more people will die.” 

So keep working

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Yesterday I went for a bike ride on the Centennial Trail and I went about 4 miles without using hands! Which I was really proud of for no reason in particular, it was just something I’ve never been able to do before. 

I wanted to do a little doodle to celebrate

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Stressed myself out tonight so drew stressed out Hermann :/ smocking cw

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