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Did you happen to see some of the illegally cute Camp Counselor AU stuff cypress-tree and patster223 were up to yesterday? 

A doodle from work c: 

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Two doodles of Cos from today. Still tweaking the outfit, though it’s almost final. The colors however [lies down on the floor]

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Some more Inktobers, featuring my phone’s crappy camera adding noise to everythinggggg. Upper right is a doodle for my mom’s birthday. She grew up in NYC and took the subway alone as a kiddo and I always thought she was pretty badass

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I haven’t been doing too much fanart these days but I was overcome with a need to doodle Hermann’s ankles tonight so, for a little inktober

ankle doodle

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Haven’t been posting much lately, just been plugging away at some original stuff and doing quick inktobers! The top two are from the comic I’m working on now, then bottom left is Cos from the Mathemagicians story, and bottom right is just doodles!  

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♡ ♒ ☼ for Hermann (am I too late can I still do the thing? It's cool if I'm too late)


I still have a few of these so I did a warm up doodle for this one! Sorry I only chose one for now I have to work on other things : // 

Food headcanon! Hermann loves pickled red cabbage and screw the haters 


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Finally I finished my Gottbleed Week thing! Combined it with Inktober. I wish I knew how to scan things so that they look more like the original :/ 

Anyway, happy Gottbleed Week everyone <3 
(blood cw)

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Also on my bike ride!

I was coasting along and looked over to see a little kid in the backyard of a house, playing with a short tube of cardboard 


And I thought, what an unusual choice of toy, until 


I’m really happy I caught this little moment as I rode by, what a great. Situation. 

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On my bike ride today I met a very inspiring pig named Bosco. He had a leash and a Star Wars knit sweater and he kissed my hand and touched my soul. Here’s to you, Bosco

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I was tagged by the lovely and talented cerigg and toucanparty for the three outfits meme! My “everyday” wear on the left, my “at home” wear in the middle, my “formal” wear on the right. As you can see I got progressively lazier working left to right haha

Check out theirs, they’re FANTASTIC (ceri’s and diigii’s)

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