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this dog spoke to me

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Iron Giant sketch for sketch_daily over on twitter. I’ve never done one before but I couldn’t resist today, I LOVE THIS MOVIE. (redesigned a little cause…that was the prompt?)

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Shitty Snowpiercer doodle boodle

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Just found out about this cool twitter tonight - if you tweet “inventory” to @YouAreCarrying it’ll give you a list of equipment and you draw it under #iamcarrying

I got a matchbook, a bottle of cheap scotch, an old bottle, an orange vial, a plate of hors d’oeuvres, satchel fluff, a mace.

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doodles from work (top) and first attempts at coffee painting (bottom) 

idk why his eyes are closed in three of them i think im just sleepy

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I also wanted to do a quick doodle to celebrate the beautiful webcomic Eth’s Skin that I’ve been enjoying recently! With my new job I was able to support the creator Sfé’s patreon and I’ve already learned so much about comic making, been inspired and generally gotten JAZZED ON COMICS. I’m super new to webcomics in general but Sfé is not only an amazing artist/storyteller but also super super friendly, so thank you so much!!  (Summary from the website)

Eth’s Skin is a comic about a fisher named Eth living on the edge of a ragged ocean. 

It’s a story set in a slightly different British Columbia, where raft cities called townships make up the bulk of civilization, and selkies and sea monsters swim through kelp forests and avoid strange masked land-dwellers called Beachwalkers. 

Under a sickle moon on an empty stone beach Eth mistakes a selkie skin for their own, and ends up having to make a journey to a distant cove in order to put things right.  It’s a queer (and genderqueer) fantasy full of monsters and low tides, cool non-binary individuals, queer relationships, and a pet pygmy harbour seal named Goblin.

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For the color meme: Sasha Kaidonovsky, 17!


sob i tried 


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First of the color scheme memes! Er. Idk man. 

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"ok but who deleted my breach model" 

Oh boy ok well. This is so sloppy, I tried to learn flash in four days and it just isn’t a good idea lemme tell you. 

BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMANN. I wish this was so much better for you. I promise to live by your example and work harder than is medically advisable so I can make something better next year!

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I took it a different direction because Hermann’s birthday IS coming up hehe she wrote it on his forehead bc he doesn’t tell anyone when his birthday is

(this is a reference to the sharpie doodle from last night i assume) 

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