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More hiding Hermanns - I can’t stop until ive made them all 

Thanks so much to the people who came to the stream! It was so much fun you all really lifted my spirits with your hilarious ways <3

 Jul 18th -  385 notes - Reblog

I realized today that with the Raleigh’s Wall thing I had missed the opportunity to draw Hermann trying to avoid having his picture taken so I had to try one aha. I sketched out another one but this was all I could do after work >:I

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My extremely last minute entry for Raleigh’s Wall! You know how much I love Mako and Hermann building robots together. This was probably their very first one - they got a little more complicated after that. 

 Jul 12th -  718 notes - Reblog

Second ink commission for the lovely onasas !! The request was for Hermann and space or Hermann with coffee, so I attempted to bring the two together as well as try out a new medium (painting with coffee) since I love when content dictates medium. Thank you so much for commissioning me! This will be in the mail to you asap c: 

 Jul 8th -  564 notes - Reblog

Ink commission for the wonderful cypress-tree, a scene from their gorgeous fic Sea Swept, an Age of Sail AU (that’s my JAM). Thank you for your patience with this, it was such fun to paint!

(digital color and original) 

 Jun 28th -  378 notes - Reblog

"Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of god." 

Meta comic - I wanted to explore my headcanon for Hermann’s unique sense of faith. 

 Jun 20th -  15481 notes - Reblog

(sorry for the long post !) 

My pieces for the Pacific Rim mini bang! I had the privilege to illustrate priellan's lovely story This Sun Can’t Set Just Yet. Vampire Hermann with a lot of really cool twists! Go read go enjoy! 

These are all done in ink, though I colored some of them, not very successfully haha. I learned a lot with this though it was tons of fun. 

 Jun 1st -  467 notes - Reblog

That “what’s in ur pockets” meme for hermann ! 

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(Hermann’s first day in Anchorage aka his holiday card)

 May 24th -  457 notes - Reblog

Warm-up trying watercolor paper and using a lightbox for the first time.

Made Hermann Gottlieb wear this

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