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March 26th
9:26 PM

Ok this is what I’ve been working on for the past couple days! Just trying to practice some visual development for a long comic I’m planning. Starring a certain robot scientist. 

March 20th
4:17 PM

Scene redraw!! There’s so much I could fix but I’m kind of sick of it now so I’ll just learn from my mistakes and try harder next time

March 16th
8:41 PM

Oof this one kicked my ass

Thanks so much to itemfinder

February 13th
10:08 PM

Thanks so much to the super rad kai-face for the commission! 

February 9th
3:14 AM

First day of bear week! 


February 2nd
12:21 AM

Day one of Animal February! A Norwegian Forest cat C: 

January 26th
7:26 PM

what if a mermaid got bitten by a werewolf, I asked 

6:57 AM

A little smoking Hermann because THIS FIC is too super cute (and only gonna get cuter lbh) and I need more smoking Hermann in my life

January 23rd
5:33 AM

There’s been a lot of talk of tattooed Hermann these days. Obviously I am no kind of tattoo artist, sorry. 

On the nape of his neck, a basic Reaction-Diffusion system, a pattern-finding equation built upon by Alan Turing. 

Below that is an illustration of the Higgs-Boson Particle

And below that is a Feynman Diagram, mapping the behavior of subatomic particles. 

On his arms are sleeves made up of bits of code from the Mark 1 Jaegers he worked on, a new bit added every time one of them goes down. (Actually it’s random C++ I found so don’t…read it) 

I’d like to do a front as well but. Later. 

January 20th
11:57 PM


my hermann of the day today is wee hermann pretending to be a fighter jet