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ONE OF MY FAVORITE parts of Pac Rim is its subversion of that stupid trope where the monster goes after a pretty lady SPECIFICALLY. In this one it’s not a pretty lady it’s just newt. hahaha

hauntedjaeger said: PURE GOLD. And I love seeing the evolution of Hermann.

THANKS aha! These are all from the first few weeks of drawing him, I should compile one per month oooooooooooo maybe

hugsfrompeeta said: Hey your style grew! :) also the last one slays me lol


raleigh-puppy said: Your style’s changed a lot! It didn’t start out looking bad at all. It just changed a hell of a lot, especially concerning Hermann, to get to where it is today

cypress-tree said: it’s really amazing how much you’ve improved over a relatively short period of time

Aw thanks! Hermann definitely helped me improve I think, because I love him so much he makes me draw more than I might have normally hahaha

htjmfisherman said: Newton be workin that booty

Ha that’s because the pose is pulled from an actual B-movie poster where Newt’s figure was a “damsel-in-distress” 

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evawrites answered: Jonas. Because p.sure Jonas devoutly believes he is a good dad. At least Rusty knows he’s a fuckup.

This is the winning argument

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evawrites said: but they know he must exist because of the measurable effect he has on certain celestial bodies?

are you calling me a star? 

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ladyknightthebrave said:dyaaaw I will miss all the Herms :)

Aw haha well you can bet I’ll still be drawing lots of Hermann, just not EVERY day. Maybe. Who knows. I love Hermann. 

thehorrorinsymmetry said: you can always draw hermann riding a horse………………………….


pandaswaittillmarriage said:you are such a friggin inspiration keeping up with this ugh ilu

No YOU are the inspiration lwajfkw i love you more 


AHH i’m trying a thing where i do one type of animal per week so i can get a decent amount of practice, starting with cats, then bears, then dogs? and ending with birds I think. BUT I might try misc. stuff too :D snails would be cuuuute

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evawrites said: dean venture

I KNOW ahaha accident but also kind of works, just a buncha nerds

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evawrites said: oh you didn’t invite me to help :[

Eva you work for the GOVERNMENT now 

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evawrites said: what how you do this

y’know, stole some cadavers from the church, the usual 

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evawrites said: tch thanks for the newsflash from the past you’re always irmprivnig you goon. you’re always amazing.g

NO YOU ARE AMAZING oh eva I cherish you

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evawrites said:gorgeous!!

Thank you eva!!! <3

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evawrites said:kinda wanna whisper shout “NIPPLESSSS” now. sorry I’m tired.

i read that as nipple-less and was like I DID DRAW THE NIPPLES THEY ARE THERE

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