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March 17th
10:59 PM

evawrites said: but they know he must exist because of the measurable effect he has on certain celestial bodies?

are you calling me a star? 

January 31st
6:01 PM

ladyknightthebrave said:dyaaaw I will miss all the Herms :)

Aw haha well you can bet I’ll still be drawing lots of Hermann, just not EVERY day. Maybe. Who knows. I love Hermann. 

thehorrorinsymmetry said: you can always draw hermann riding a horse………………………….


pandaswaittillmarriage said:you are such a friggin inspiration keeping up with this ugh ilu

No YOU are the inspiration lwajfkw i love you more 


AHH i’m trying a thing where i do one type of animal per week so i can get a decent amount of practice, starting with cats, then bears, then dogs? and ending with birds I think. BUT I might try misc. stuff too :D snails would be cuuuute

January 21st
10:50 PM

evawrites said: dean venture

I KNOW ahaha accident but also kind of works, just a buncha nerds

January 11th
9:46 PM

evawrites said: oh you didn’t invite me to help :[

Eva you work for the GOVERNMENT now 

9:37 PM

evawrites said: what how you do this

y’know, stole some cadavers from the church, the usual 

January 5th
8:52 PM

evawrites said: tch thanks for the newsflash from the past you’re always irmprivnig you goon. you’re always amazing.g

NO YOU ARE AMAZING oh eva I cherish you

December 17th
9:50 PM
evawrites said:gorgeous!!

Thank you eva!!! <3

December 14th
6:30 PM

evawrites said:kinda wanna whisper shout “NIPPLESSSS” now. sorry I’m tired.

i read that as nipple-less and was like I DID DRAW THE NIPPLES THEY ARE THERE

December 7th
7:32 PM

thleeny said:girl none of your art has ever been shitty imo but YES it is okay to be less than perfect sometimes! It totally is! And we adore you no matter what!

thank you friend <3333 I’m just workin on a comic I want to do but it’s gonna be really sloppy I know already so I’m kind of bummed but also my head hurts and I can’t bring myself to give 100% right now which is lame but ugh

hobbitdragon said:It’s so okay to do shitty art. It’s always the first step to doing rad art. :3

evawrites said:yes and also yes ok

no0lcue said:I’m covering a piece of paper in festive crayon dicks and reindeer instead of just buying newspaper. It’s totally okay


November 30th
9:06 PM

evawrites said: you need a vacation. i’ll get the chopper.

how do you take a vacation from doing nothing with your sad dumb life