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Hey guys I’m really struggling with the colors of this, help??? Wallpaper and carpet especially, though I wouldn’t be opposed to changing the TV or chair colors. The character colors can’t really change cause they’re um. Just that way. THANKS!!!

 Jul 9th -  10 notes - Reblog
  1. catiematie said: Dude the colors just scream 60s The carpet and Dr. Quest’s chair are maybe too close in value? Maybe more brown?
  2. angryqueershakespeare said: Might want to find some old Johnny Quest screenshots or watch some eps on YouTube to get some original colouring feel and adapt it the way you want- That’s what I tend to do when I’m making fanart! :)
  3. carolinedirector said: wish i could help i am like the actual worst at picking colors D: but whenever i’m stuck i go to, that might help?
  4. loawarchive said: maybe make the carpet blue and the blue chair orange?
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