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yourresidentginger said: D: *Hug* What’s wrong?

poonfeyrac said: *hug to the millionth power*

osloresidentpigeon said: *lots and lots of hugs and love*

cinematicreality said: Don’t be sad beautiful I love you

Thank you guys, you’re all too sweet. It’s just…all the stress and anxiety about my future I somehow managed to condense into this one school, and having just talked with my mom about it, it’s definitely not financially possible, and I’m realizing that probably no school will be financially possible and that animation may be a very distant dream for me now, so I guess I just have to let go of it for now and just try to find a real job. And that’s fine, objectively I’m honestly ok with it, but I’m reacting emotionally and it’s making me a wreck. 

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  1. skelepoon said: aaah gosh darling that’s harsh *extra hugs*
  2. wastingyourgum said: *Hugs* Oh bee - I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I wish there was some way I could help…
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