23 Years Old
Cis, she/her
Seattle, WA
English major, aspiring artist
Primarily art, sci-fi, frog-men
personal posts, space, retrofuturism

thehorrorinsymmetry said: YOU CAN DO IIIIIT. also: animation blog?

THANK YOU BOO! Oh it’s just where I keep my inspiration / meager creations. Here it is!

teabeforewar said: Oh god good luck with all that! Lip syncs are bitches. Might I suggest the 11second club as a good source for interesting clips, though?

Thanks!! I haven’t heard of that, I’ll give it a look! 

ahhyoulikeditsoyouputaringonit said: YOU GOT THIS

THANK YOU ahhh yeah I will keep a mirror by me and make weird faces at myself all day even when I’m not animating haha, I think I will probably fail a lot the first few gos, but THAT’S LIFE

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