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Ballad of Broomhilda BY bee
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Django and King both have some rad ballads on the OST but Hildy does not, despite the fact that we all know she goes off to be a badass bounty hunter after the movie ends. 

So I made an attempt, sorry I’m bad at country / can’t hit the low notes

Bet you’ve never seen a lady comin’ at you with guns blazin’ 
Bet you’ve never seen a lady just like her 
Don’t try to say that you ain’t quiverin, She knows that you are shiverin
Cause she’s walked right on through hellfire and she knows that men can burn

They called her Broomhilda but she’ll never sweep again
Broomhilda, she’s gonna do you devils in
They called her Broomhilda but she’ll never sweep again
Better sleep with one eye open cause she’ll get ya in the end 

So you think you can outrun her, Cause you sure’s hell won’t outgun her
And you know if you can flee ‘er then you should 
You can ride your spriest horse, But she’ll catch y’up of course
She’s had reason to run faster than you bastards ever could


So you heard she’s got a lover and you think it makes her weak
You think you’re made of tougher stuff alone
But I know you’ll think again, When she’s shot ya in the head
Cause she’s fightin for the both a them while you’re dyin all alone

No one knows just where she’s from, was she born toting a gun
Did she ever have a place that she called home
If you see her you could ask, fore she kicks your sorry ass
And you’d best be sure to tell us when you meet us down below


Better watch out for Broomhilda, or say your auf wiedersehens

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