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Um this is really weird. I haven’t written a song in ages and finally I do and it’s cakecroft?? 
Some bizarrely sad cakecroft??

I have no idea. Here are the lyrics:

If it was just a little taste, it wouldn’t be that bad 
But he ate the whole damn cake, and now he’s sad 
Cause the frosting on his face is evidence enough 
Without the added weight that’s bound to come up…later 
And the guilt that always comes with this behavior 
Is outweighed by the need to stop and savor 
Cause nothing’s worse than good desserts in waste 
And it won’t be all that bad, it’s just a taste…

Cause loving people is so dangerous 
And it doesn’t seem so hard until the loss 
And no matter just how far you are removed 
If you care about them then you’ll always lose 
So he looks at something delicate and sweet 
That you’re meant to love and hold and lose and eat 
It’s a tragedy so easily contained 
And he’s only left with sugar lips and shame 
And a secret that only he will know 
Cause there’s no one left to tell him he has grown.

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