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Seattle, WA
English major, aspiring artist
Primarily art, sci-fi, frog-men
personal posts, space, retrofuturism

Here is all the info for “Gottbleed Week,” if you wish to participate. This is a small, last minute event; stemmed from the spirit of Inktober/Halloween. I hope you will consider joining us for this event.

Get in on the fun one and all!!!

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what's up with your icon wtf lol


what’s up with YOUR icon 

what’s up with the shades 

it’s night

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ya know what would help in this situation Takato? If you had some sort of eye protection, like say glasses but they cover the front of your eyes instead of being glass you put in front of your eyes. Being plastic would help because plastic wouldn’t break as easily as glass.

Ahh but where would you get such a device? Oh well guess you’re just going to have to face the brunt of the sand storm with your eyes unprotected..

I’ve never laughed harder in my entire life

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Such a good weekend all in all, the bike ride really left me in a way better place than I was on Saturday, and now I’m very excited to work hard on art stuff this week c: Thank you to everyone who was so supportive and always are when I get down, you deserve more than thanks really, it really means the world to me <3333 


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Also on my bike ride!

I was coasting along and looked over to see a little kid in the backyard of a house, playing with a short tube of cardboard 


And I thought, what an unusual choice of toy, until 


I’m really happy I caught this little moment as I rode by, what a great. Situation. 

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your art is. literally the best hermann gottlieb is my weakness and you have destroyed me thank you


: 0 jeez thank you so much, that’s really too sweet! <3 I’m just so glad so many people love Hermann too, it warms my heart so 

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I just wanted to say that I love the way you draw Hermann; your sketches are very expressive and beautiful.


Thank you so much anon, that’s super sweet <333 I really appreciate the kind message!!! 

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On my bike ride today I met a very inspiring pig named Bosco. He had a leash and a Star Wars knit sweater and he kissed my hand and touched my soul. Here’s to you, Bosco

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I checked so much off my list today I should feel awesome 

But, unfortunately, as you probably already know -

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