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You are not an officer. You don’t need to salute anyone.

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Not today.

(For geniusbee)

Awww this is just presh! Thank you again, I’m totally honored <333

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PPDC version of a WW2 Air force recruitment poster first printed in 1942. I tried to keep as true to the source as possible while keeping all the details of Raleigh and his Drivesuit.

Thinking about offering prints of this one if anybody is interested.

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 so cute!;  

Stressed myself out tonight so drew stressed out Hermann :/ smocking cw

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Seeing how much you've changed in your art style and drawing technique in the last couple of years has been amazing <3 watching you grow is the best. Keep it up!!!


Thank you so so much anon, that’s so sweet of you to say. I will try to work hard and try to grow even more <3333

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I was CHALLENGED by dear lunarinferno to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! And, after donating of course, rather than dump ice on our heads we dumped some on these nerds. 

Please if you’ve enjoyed any of the IBC’s that have been going around, donate to the ALSA and help fund medical research! 

Also you can support lunarinferno’s friend’s Walk to Defeat ALS here

Thank you!! 

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Hey Seattle area folks, if you’re going to be at Bumbershoot at all this weekend, don’t forget to check out Flatstock! That’s the giant show poster sale in the Pavilion (where the ice rink is in the winter). There’s tons of booths featuring RAD artists selling not just show posters but all kindsa posters and art and junk. 

I’ll be selling not-my-stuff there tomorrow afternoon/evening c: 

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Burn Gorman’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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I really really wanted to get two pages done because the next page is I think better to be read immediately with this one. But, I had looked at how much of my weekend had been sunk in to getting this one done and I had to just deal with one. Sorry. T_T

Four more pages and that’ll be the end of this set up bit. Ooof. Maybe we will see Little Wing before Christmas.

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I’m gonna wear myself out this weekend but I’m excited because I intend to do the following

  • Draw and comic plan all Friday night
  • Read Saturday morning (gotta finish my book so I can start another one that I want to read more), then help out a friend at the Bumbershoot poster show, man his booth until it closes then go home and art/comic more. 
  • Sunday go to the zoo with some friends, hopefully draw animals, learn a lot. Then mega comic work in the evening. 
  • Monday is long bike ride day, with sketchbook and regular book, to draw and read in a field somewhere far away that I have biked to. Don’t come home until it’s getting dark and legs are almost falling off.

Though my groove is not yet fully recovered, I’m glad I’ve planned out a lot of really positive vibes things to do this weekend, and I hope even though it’s not a LOT of time for art itself, good people and good experiences and good biking really helps in the long run. Hell yeah. 

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