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Father and Son?

I love his smile.

Also yes, 18 inch Cherno Alpha figure is coming.

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I got tagged in a thing? By baskervelle!  And since my arting has been painfully slow and pathetic this is all I have to prove I still exist. 

Favorite tropes in fic

  • body worship, like slow, long descriptions of peoples’ bods and all their quirky beautiful parts. 
  • H/C, but a very specific type of H/C. One where someone (cough Hermann cough) gets hurt in a mostly superficial way, bruised or scraped up in a fight or an accident or something, and the other person carefully takes care of them like, bandages them up and gets them ice and painkillers and takes them to bed and just generally dotes on them while they in some pain
  • Daddy issues. This one must come as no surprise to anyone. 
  • Hermann and Space. I was trying to keep it more universal but nah this gets special mention. Hermann’s love of space is everything. 
  • IN-WORLD DOCUMENTS. This is hard to explain. I love like, newspaper articles, or official files, things that act like primary source material from that universe, as additions to fic. I love it so much. Christ I love it. 

Least favorite tropes

  • Unhealthy relationships. This includes codependency, emotional manipulation (even if unintentional), shitty communication - a whole bunch of things. Seen a lot of it way too much tbh :/ 
  • Throwing (especially female) characters under the bus for the sake of another relationship. Seen a lot of this too. I don’t mind if people choose to omit a character so much, but when they actually include them and just kill them or make them awful, nope. 
  • Manic Pixie-fying. 
  • Pet names. I’m sayin it, I hate pet names, they creep me out. Nicknames that are playful and personalized, I like. Pet names immediately lose me. 
  • Angst for the sake of angst. This is also hard to explain, but there are some times when it feels like sadness is being used just to simulate depth/character development, when it’s actually just. Angsty. 

Are these tropes? I don’t know they’re things. 

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your art is looking SO BEAUTIFUL lately it's all very cosy and nostalgic - dust motes in rays of light and all that. it's really wonderfully lovely!!!


Oh gosh thank you so much!! That’s really sweet, I’ve been kind of style-hopping lately, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one! 

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Faroe Islands (dream)

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We go forward.

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yeah also i fell a little bit in lust with burn gorman while i’ve been gone but don’t worry it’s just a fling 

August 16, 2013. A day that will live in infamy. 

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Hi, you're the one who posts more hermann in the fandom so I wanted to ask if you know what hermann's hair cut is called. thanks!


Hey! Mmm I tend to call it a bowl cut, but that’s not exactly accurate. It’s sort of a mop with an undercut, but I think so-i-did-this-thing would have a more accurate answer, since he’s actually sported the cut itself C: 

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Bad headache day : ( Got almost nothing done. But I guess it’s ok, to bed early and tomorrow will have more energy. Goodnight!

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And because I don’t think I ever posted him here, I drew Herman for the amazing geniusbee because why not? And I love Herman.

This is GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much oh my gosh, you really captured him plus those white highlights are just the perfect touch!!! 

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